Bell Tents

One of Our Bell Tents Will Ensure Your Next Event or Slumber Party Is an Amazing Success!

We have Breathe Bell Tents which are made of 100% breathable cotton canvas
with durable mesh windows and doors. They’re even waterproof.

Please note: Due to QLD COVID19 restrictions we are required to ensure there is 2sqm per person and the mattresses need to be 1.5m apart. Therefore we have updated our maximum occupancy.

Please call us to discuss any concerns as the restrictions can be confusing.

Slumber Parties

Our Bell Tent hire is perfect for an older or bigger party where space inside may be an issue, and they want their independence. The bonus is that it’s quiet inside!

It’s also great for adult slumber parties when you want to be responsible or just have a pillow fight as grown ups. We don’t judge!

We have a 6m Double Door Bell Tent which will hold up to 14 guests with decorations, mattresses and the guest’s belongings. We also use it for chill out zones, baby/bridal showers and other parties as it has 2 entries which allows great traffic flow. We also offer a 4.5m Bell Tent which comfortably holds 8 guests or a 5m Bell Tent which can hold 10 people.

Slumber parties start at $340 for four guests; extra guests are $20 each.and there is a $100 surcharge for the 6m tent as it takes significantly longer to setup and requires more equipment but looks amazing once we’re done.

All of our Bell Tent slumber parties come with everything you need for a successful event. They include:

4.5m or 5m Bell Tent

Quality Ikea Jr Foam Mattresses with Fitted Sheets




1-2 Cushions per guest

Themed Decor and Rugs

1-3 Small Tables

Battery Operated Fairy Lights


**Guests Must Supply Their Own Pillows for Hygiene Reasons**

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone to discuss organising something unique for your guest of honour.

Bell Tent Themes

Starlight, Star Bright

Bring the stars inside with this classic White, Navy & Gold theme.

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Pretty in Pink

For the person who loves all things Pink! This theme will make their dreams come true.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Enjoy the bright aqua and purple patchwork with a funky and fun boho style!

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Totally Teal

Relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of our Totally Teal theme. Your child will feel refreshed and revitalized after a night with this theme.

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Unicorns Rule

Enjoy the mystical world of unicorns with this beautiful theme.
Pictures will be updated once this theme has been done in a Bell Tent..

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Under the Sea

Explore the depths of the sea with this watery wonderland complete with enchanting sea creatures and colourful props
Pictures will be updated once this theme has been done in a Bell Tent.

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Avengers Assemble

Your superhero or superheroine will get to be their favourite Marvel characters with our Avengers Assemble theme! Dress up, save the world and have fun with your friends!
Pictures will be updated once this theme has been done in a Bell Tent.

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True Blue

All things blue make up our True Blue Bell Tent theme.

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Into the Wild

For those who like the outdoors but don’t want to rough it, choose our Into the Wild theme complete with wild animals, ivy and wood logs.

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Give your significant other the perfect romantic weekend, whether we set the tents up in your own back yard or at your favourite campsite. You get a queen air mattress, two chairs, rugs and decorations that we guarantee will set the perfect mood to facilitate the rest of the weekend.

One Night $340

Two Nights $500

Bridal or Baby Showers

If you’re hosting a bridal or baby shower, get in touch! We’re able to provide a yummy lolly buffet, cake pops or cupcakes and additional seating outside the tent to bring your party to the next level and make it all the more memorable.

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